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At the moment, the best place to buy LOC is through HitBTC.

Account setup is instant and requires no verification. There are also no limits on the volumes you can trade.

LOC is traded against BTC, USDT and ETH. The links to the three pairs are:

Please follow this 1 Minute walk-through for beginners and for experienced users.

Total LOC Supply is extremely limited — 18.6 Million LOC, of which 50% is vested for the 1st year. This practically means that through the first 1 year, total supply will be approximately 9.3 Million LOC.

  1. In order to be able to buy LOC, you should signup with HitBTC (click here) , and deposit BTC, ETH or USDT into your account.

To do so you should click on “Deposit” in the top right corner and then send the cryptocurrencies to the wallet that is shown upon clicking on the “Deposit” icon next to the corresponding cryptocurrency.

We always recommend sending a small amount of cryptocurrency as a test transaction before sending your main balance.

2. Then after your funds are added, you will see them appear under “Main Account”. In order to be able to trade, you should click on the “Transfer” button (see below image). This will transfer the funds from your main account to your trading account.

Upon confirming, you will see your balance and you will be all set.

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